Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Springtime Thunderstorms


It's getting ready to storm, I guess. There has been talk about tornadoes and large hail all day, but we haven't seen anything yet. I'm a bit excited because I love love love storms. I also hate them because they make me nervous, but they sure are beautiful.

I'm sitting on the couch in my parents' living room right now with Ellie asleep next to my leg, and Bunker next to her. They are quite adorable, and I love them both.

There really isn't a whole lot to say today, but I felt like I should write something anyways. Tomorrow Luke and I are going to play an acoustic old timey set at the local retirement home. My Grandma Connie lives there now since Papa Charles passed. I'm so glad she's there now. She's starting to get used to it, but she still wants to go home. She can't live on her own anymore, though, so she has to stay put. It's kind of sad.

Mom and dad took me to Grandma and Papa's house the other day to just look around, and I don't even really know. It was weird. It was a really strange feeling walking inside, and smelling the same smells, and seeing the same sights, but knowing they weren't there. And they wouldn't be there anymore. I went out in their backyard, but it was kind of overgrown, and not how Papa would have it at all. It made me sad. It made me miss him so much. It just isn't the same anymore.

A while back, Luke and I recorded us playing Crazy by Patsy Cline to use when we book shows at assisted living facilities. It's one of my favorite songs, and it's a song that I used to listen to frequently with Grandma and Papa when I would spend time at their house on weekends. It's still kind of tough to make it through that song during our sets because it makes me think of them so easily. So we decided to film a music video for it, and dedicate it to Papa's memory. We filmed some footage at their house, and I think it will turn out really lovely. Maybe it will make things easier for me to get my emotions out in a creative form. I don't know. I hope so. I just cry at really random times, it seems. The fountain at the Independence Park was fixed up recently, and I cried when I saw the pictures, and I cried while listening to Johnny Cash sing old hymns. This is hard. But I know he's still with me. I still carry the lessons he taught me in my heart, and I have the best memories. k

Anyway, enough being sad for one post. I've been playing my piano so much lately, and I LOVE IT. It is the biggest stress relief I have, and I've been practicing and getting better and better. I was pretty rusty for awhile because I don't have a full sized piano anymore, and it is super annoying setting up my midi controller to play my more difficult songs that require more keys. So I've been really happy having my old, out of tune, beautiful piano to play again. I want to be as good as I used to be again. I used to be able to just bust out some songs wherever I was, but now I have to sit and think about what I even know anymore haha. It's so dumb. But, whatever. It is coming together again.

Well, that's enough for one night. <3 p="">-T