Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Adventures in New England

I forgot that I haven't updated this yet. Last week I took a random trip to the New England states with Kerosene Records to deliver some shirts to a church in Maryland. Long story short, big client, big order, short notice, FedEx is unreliable. So we drove it there ourselves. I shall tell my story in pictures.

Hitting the road with Luke, Josh, and Jerry the Giraffe! 19 hour road trip! 

 Luke is not thrilled to be in the car this long.

Hey St. Louis. Someday I'll stop and visit.

Jerry is STOKED to be on the road again.

So many jankalicious bathrooms. Hahaha.

 It snowed SO MUCH that we literally could not see 10 feet in front of us.

Seriously. Look at that.

 It's supposed to be SPRING.

Decided to make the trek to NYC since it was so close to Maryland already.

Times Squareeee

It's the Macy's building

Why are these out of order?

Empire State Building. --Side story. Luke asked "Is this the building that Donkey Kong climbed?" HAHAHAHAHA. Yes, Luke. Yes. That's who climbed it. 

Luke with Paul McCartney's guitar! 

Took another side trip to Philly on the way home. 

This is Josh.


My favorite picture of me and +Luke DeWitt 

Stopped in Pittsburgh to see some of Josh's friends on our trip back home. Looks so pretty!

THE LIBERTY BELL! Why is this so out of order? JEEEEEZE. Also, for those of you that don't know, it was free to get inside to see it.

Luke at the Liberty Bell! I could fix the order, but I'm too lazy. 

Since this is my year of adventure, I decided I should probably go ahead and make the trip. It was basically free for me -- I just had to pay for my food -- so why not? 

That's all, folks.