Thursday, March 6, 2014

Can I Get Another Amen? (AMEN!)

I'm not sure why, but for some reason I felt like writing a bit tonight. My mind is kind of all over the place today. I've been sick in bed literally all day until I was finally able to get up a take a shower just now. Dizzy spells. Ugh. I would not wish those on my worst enemies. It feels like the entire world is spinning around you (I mean, obviously it is, but not that fast) and you can't stop it for anything. Laying in bed with my head turned one way is literally the only way to make it stop, and I couldn't move for at least 8 hours. Major suckage.

Anyways, I'm up now, and I'm feeling way better. Luke was nice enough to bring me some food, and we watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame--his first time!--and it was nice. That movie is really dark for a Disney movie. It's definitely one of my favorites, though. I remember my older sister taking me to see that when it came out in theaters for my birthday! Ever since then, it was my absolute favorite movie. I wanted to be Esmerelda, and Phoebus was my 2nd crush, after Aladdin, of course. The music from that movie has always stuck with me through all these years. GOOSEBUMPS. I still sing God Help The Outcasts in the shower from time to time.

Tonight Luke and I are going to see this band at Blackthorn called The Autonomics. They're touring down from Portland, Oregon, and contacted Solace about a show. I had to turn them down, so they booked Blackthorn instead, and I liked them so much that we're going to go! Woo! Nevermind, apparently they told me the wrong date because I just saw that they played there LAST NIGHT. WAY TO GO, GUYS. I was super pumped to go, too. :( I had it on my calendar and everything. Oh well, I guess. We'll just stay in again. NEVERMIND AGAIN. I messaged them, and apparently they're playing two nights in a row, so I will get to see them. Hahaha. Wow.

Well, I suppose that is about all I have to talk about tonight. Ok bye!